Using paramak for blanket study

Hi all, attempting to do a parameter study of a blanket in a reactor, and was pointed towards Paramak for building CAD reactors. My question is whether paramak allows for building and finetuning of the blanket structure (eg varying frontwall thickness, multiplier geometry, etc). I have seen that models of a reactor can be constructed and simulated, but I looked under the example components for blankets and only found a single solid block. I’d like to have a reactor with with the blanket design and then simulate, carrying out a parameter study. How should I go about doing this?

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Thanks Patrick.

For detailed studies I tend to use paramak to make the rough outline then cadquery to add fine detail. However you can also splice together cad from other sources.

Feel free to raise issues on the paramak issue board if you think the topic is more related to that package.

thanks for the replies. I ended up making a preliminary structure in paramak, then switching over to Space Claim and using the cad_to_dagmc package to run OpenMC simulations as the geometry got too complex. Working well so far - no lost particles, fingers crossed it stays that way.

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