paramak.ExtrudeCircleShape not working?

Hi, still just playing with rudimentary shapes in Paramak, trying to get a cylinder. For some reason ExtrudeCircleShape isn’t working as planned and I couldn’t find why from any of the docs or examples I found. I’d appreciate any pointers, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
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Edit: I added ‘circle.ceate_solid()’ but it didn’t fix anything

never mind I fixed it. Just need to specify points :man_facepalming:

It sounds from this post and the last one that you are making cubes and spheres. Paramak is aiming to make parametric tokamaks so not really the right tool for individual shapes.

I would recommend using CadQuery to make these shapes as that is it’s purpose.

Then using something to convert the cadquery object or step file to a dagmc h5m file, paramak uses Cad-to-dagmc under the hood to do this do this but there are other tools as well.

by the way Paramak has an issue tracker which you are welcome to post issues if you think it relates more to Paramak than openmc.

the final aim for the project is to do a parameter study on a blanket design under reactor conditions. So essentially surround the plasma source with a blanket configuration and perform optimisation. I’d end up with a model of a reactor like in the image below, with the blanket section containing the complex blanket geometry, including flow channels, etc. And then I’d subsequently fine-tune the blanket design.
I was pointed towards paramak and have so far just been playing around with basic shapes.

Is this doable with paramak?
Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 15.17.03

Ah yes ok that sounds like a well aligned use case, the workflow is not perfect but yes that is the sort of thing paramak attempts to do. Currently the weak point is the conversion to dagmc but that is the bit I’m also working on at the moment.

great, thanks. One thing I do have a concern with is the blanket geometry. From the examples I’ve seen, the blankets used are just a single solid object filled with a single material - not a complex multi-component, multi-material object. Is Paramak able to accommodate for this, or am I better off using something like CadQuery?

In my case I would be temped to make a paramak base geometry and add extra details with Cadquery.

This won’t be super easy though, but I don’t think any of the options are easy for detailed geometry

you could also try using csg geometry for this .

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