OpenMC version 0.9.0

Hi all,

The OpenMC development team is proud to announce the release of version 0.9.0. Some of the exciting new features in this release include:

  • Stochastic volume calculations
  • Multi-delayed group cross section generation
  • Ability to calculate multi-group cross sections over meshes
  • Temperature interpolation on cross section data
  • Nuclear data interface in Python API
  • Ability to define fuel by enrichment
  • Random sphere packing for TRISO particle generation
  • Critical eigenvalue search
  • Energy function tally filters
  • New XML parser, pugixml
  • Differential tallies
  • Consistent multi-group scattering matrices
    Our documentation has also improved substantially and includes a number of new example Jupyter notebooks.

I’d like to thank Will Boyd, Sterling Harper, Colin Josey, Jingang Liang, Adam Nelson, Sam Shaner, Jon Walsh, and especially first-time contributors Amanda Lund and Qingming He for their contributions to this release. The source code can be downloaded at or the master branch on the GitHub Repository.

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Awesome. Thanks to all the developers :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Once again thank you and all the developers very much>

Is it possible that you put a PDF for documentation on the releases page like you did for version 0.8.0.

Just added a PDF of the documentation on the releases page. Thanks for suggesting!

Well done! Thank you for your work!

Hi Paul,

You said the PDF doucumentation could found on the releases page, but I could found the release page in any web.

Could you tell me which is the websites? Thanks

Here it is:

Thank you developers.

I am getting the follwing error while installing it.

PLease Help.

Archana Sharma

Hi Archana,

Apparently, this is caused by a bug in a very recent release of Anaconda. See


thanks to all the developers. great work