OpenMC version 0.11.0

Hi all,

The OpenMC development team is proud to announce the release of version 0.11.0. There have been many new features added to this release, including:

  • Depletion
  • Photon transport
  • Support for CAD geometry through DAGMC
    There are many other exciting new features as well, so I encourage you to take a look at the full release notes. One other major update is that the core codebase has been rewritten in C++, so no Fortran compiler is needed to build OpenMC anymore.

This release would not have been possible without the dedicated effort of many people, and so I’d like to thank all who contributed whether it was large or small.

The source code can be download at or the master branch on the GitHub repository. For those of you who use conda-forge to install OpenMC, the latest version has been built there as well.

Best regards,

Good news!

The depletion feature was, in my view, the most awaited by most of the users and it is good to know that it is in the stable branch now. You are doing really impressive and cutting-edge reactor simulation tool. I, personally, think that the OpenMC is currently the most modern and user-friendly tool for the neutronics simulation od the nuclear reactors. Thank you, guys!


Glad to hear it will get some use. If you are doing any depletion runs, make sure you have a look at the new user’s guide section, especially “caveats”.

One thing I also should have mentioned in my previous message is that we are now distributing pre-generated HDF5 data libraries on to make things a bit easier for users. You’ll find all the major libraries there. If you have data needs that are not met by one of the pre-generated libraries, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


Great that this is finally out!

Any chance there will be an official PDF of the documentation downloadable from GitHub like there was for the previous releases?

Good point; I’ve just added that on the release page.

Hello guys,

I have a gcc version 10 and I was installed the hdf5 devel package on Fedora 32.
Sadly, I was executing make and I found an error attached related to ssize and std.
I found some workarounds but I still have the issue, and I am just building openmc
I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance,
Julita Inca

Hi Julita Inca,

It looks like this issue has been fixed recently in gsl-lite (an embedded dependency of OpenMC). You can find the appropriate source fix here if you want to try it:

In the meantime, I’ll look at getting OpenMC updated so that our latest developmental branch works with gcc 10.


It worked Paul, thanks!