Release of OpenMC 0.12.1

Hi everyone. I’m happy to report that we’ve just released version 0.12.1 of OpenMC! A huge thanks to all of the contributors as well as the users who provide valuable feedback to our development team. I’d encourage you to check out the release notes here for the full list of new features and improvements. Notably, if you are running depletion calculations, I’d strongly recommend upgrading as there was an important bug fix that affects the accuracy of depletion calculations.


Hello Dr. Romano,

Is it already available through installation of public release? I have checked the release notes, but I have not seen it. I have also downloaded the pdf guide mentioned at the end of the page you attached, and followed the usual steps to install it, but I have obtained the versione 0.12.0.
Would you mind to specify if we can get the 0.12.1 version through usual installation, or we still need to install it from the source as developer release?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @tony_emme

After merging this PR openmc 0.12.1 will be available on conda-forge. Wait for couple of days :slight_smile:

Hello @Pranto,

Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated