Delta tracking in OpenMc

Are there plans to add delta tracking in OpenMC?

Delta tracking is implemented in the code UK code MONK by the user using what are called hole materials. Hole materials can be used to represent geometries that are more difficult to model using just surfaces.

I’m thinking something like spheres randomly dispersed in a medium. Homogeneous mixtures is another example.

Yes, this is something that @pshriwise has been working on and is fairly close to completion from what I understand. Perhaps he can comment further.

Hi @Stepniac,

@paulromano has it right. I’ve got a branch of OpenMC with an initial implementation of delta tracking in my fork that I’m working on polishing up. I can send if your way if you’d like to have a look or try it out. Follow ons to that PR will explore local majorants and weighted delta tracking for improved tally FOM.

Hi @pshriwise,

We are facing lots of issues with depletion calculation in openMC, the main issue is the calculation speed, and we would like to try the openMC version with delta-tracking, could you please tell me by which fork I can use the test version?

Thank you.