Neutron tracking


Are there plans to add neutron tracking options in OpenMC?

By neutron tracking I mean to track the neutron after an interaction and following it until its next interaction.

Thank you

Hi Hirepan

If I’ve understood correctly this sounds a bit like the existing track mode

I have an example python api usage over here

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Hello Shimwel

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. If I understood correctly one track state is the state of the particle after an interaction, I see that one can filter the track states by:

Cell ID
Cell instance
Material ID

Is there any way one can get the track states corresponding to the position where the particle is reflected from a surface without evaluating if every point is on the surface?

Thank you.

Evaluating the xyz values and comparing with the csg equation of the surface would be interesting to see.

Source code changes to allow extra information in the tracks file would be another option.

In case of modifying the source code would I need to fork the project and commit it afterwards?

Yes you would need to fork the openmc repository

It is entirety up to you if you want to offer the code back via a pull request.

More detail on the contributor guide