OpenMC version 0.5.2

Hi all,

The OpenMC development team is proud to announce the availability of version 0.5.2. This release includes various new features and bug fixes added over the past four months. This release includes contributions from a number of people – most importantly, I’d like to recognize Bryan Herman, Nick Horelik, and Adam Nelson for the time and effort they’ve put into fixing bugs and making enhancements to the code.

Some of the major new features in version 0.5.2 are:

  • Full HDF5/PHDF5 support
  • Particle restart files (useful for debugging)
  • Cell overlap checking (also very useful for debugging)
  • 3D voxel plots
  • Region outside lattices can be filled with material (void by default)
  • Mesh tally plotting via a Python script

The full release notes are at

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