OpenMC version 0.5.4

Hi all,

The OpenMC development team is proud to announce the release of version 0.5.4. This release includes various new features and bug fixes added over the past four months.

New features in version 0.5.4 include:

  • Source sites outside geometry are resampled
  • XML-Fortran backed replaced by FoX XML
  • Ability to write particle track files
  • Handle lost particles more gracefully (via particle track files)
  • Multiple random number generator streams
  • Mesh tally plotting utility converted to use Tkinter rather than PyQt
  • Script added to download ACE data from NNDC
  • Mixed ASCII/binary cross_sections.xml now allowed
  • Expanded options for writing source bank
  • Re-enabled ability to use source file as starting source
  • S(a,b) recalculation avoided when same nuclide and S(a,b) table are accessed

Bug fixes include:

  • 32c03c4 Check for valid data in cross_sections.xml
  • c71ef57 Fix bug in
  • 8884fb9 Check for all ZAIDs for S(a,b) tables
  • b38af09 Fix XML reading on multiple levels of input
  • d28750c Fix bug in
  • cf567ca ENDF/B-VI data checked for compatibility
  • 6b94613 Fix p_valid sampling inside of sample_energy

I’d like to thank Paul Romano, Nick Horelik, Adam Nelson, Jon Walsh, Streling Harper and Tuomas Viitanen for their contributions in this release.The source code can be downloaded at or the master branch on the GitHub Repository.

Best regards,

Great! Thanks Bryan and everyone.

I will update the Arch AUR package sometime today. I want to install everything to /opt now (vice in /usr/bin) and include all of the scripts and source to make the package a little more useful.

AUR Package has been updated - I decided to hold off on the /opt change until I figure out how the CMAKE build goes in the next (?) release.

My ppa has also been updated for those who are looking for an easy install option on Ubuntu.


Hye Paul

Just wondering when you are going to include direct doppler broadening changes mentioned in Looking forward to this eagerly.

Thank you very much for sharing such excellent work

The multipole method is an active R&D topic at MIT and there are still some basic data issues to work through before it will be ready for a full implementation in OpenMC. I have copied Ben Forget on this email as he is the one leading that research in case he has further comments on the subject.