Conda installation of OpenMC with DAGMC on?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a conda distribution of OpenMC with the DAGMC capability. I wasn’t able to find it on the website, and the building is quite tricky, and I do not have sudo privilleges on this machine, which makes it harder.

Is it possible to have a conda distribution of OpenMC with DAGMC capabilities?

Thank you,

Hi @nuclearbae. Our conda-forge distribution does not include DAGMC capability at present. I do see that both MOAB and DAGMC are available through conda-forge, so in principle it might be possible to update our build recipe to include it. @pshriwise might know whether this is feasible.

In the meantime, we do have docker images with DAGMC included that may serve your needs. I’m not a docker expert but there are others on the forum here who may be able assist if you run into any issues with it.

I did have a go at this a while back and was planning to pick it up again after the next DAGMC release.

Here is where I got to staged-recipes/recipes/openmc-dagmc at openmc-dagmc · Shimwell/staged-recipes · GitHub

I put it on hold as I was not able to include the the idea DAGMC build with Embree and Double Down (which speeds up the simulations). But I think a more straight forward OpenMC build is possible to put together.

Also I think the resulting Conda build would not be windows compatible

We’re not building for Windows currently on conda so that’s not a big deal, but good to know for future reference in case we ever do a Windows build.

I think MOAB is also not currently available as a Conda installable option on Windows.

I believe @nuclearbae is keen on testing the simulation time for OpenMC and in this case I think it might be worth including to Double Down and Embree options to get the best possible speed

I’ve just been looking over the recipe and I think the current block on a combined conda-dagmc install is that we can’t currently compile openmc with DAGMC when the DAGMC comes from a Conda install. However this will be fixed in the next DAGMC release

Thank you for the discussion! I’ll look forward to the next release.