Backward detector respond

it appears impossible to calculate backward detector response in openMC, while MCNP achieves this feat through the utilization of multigroup and adjoint capabilities.

It would be a welcomed addition if developers could consider incorporating this feature into openMC.


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Hi @basit and welcome to the community. Can you let me know which card(s) in MCNP would be used to achieve this capability you are referring to?

Hi @paulromano
thank you,
We can use the MGOPT card to achieve multigroup calculations in MCNP. This card is specifically designed for multigroup calculations and can also be used as follows:

MGOPT a 30

In this context, “a” stands for adjoint calculation, and 30 represents the number of energy groups in the multigroup library. Another card is CUT:n to define upper energy limit for backward transport process.

For further details, you can refer to this helpful link: MCNP: Multigroup/adjoint capabilities (Technical Report) | OSTI.GOV and the MCNP manual (MGOPT MULTIGROUP ADJOINT TRANSPORT OPTION).