Continuous-energy, adjoint Monte Carlo

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I’m relatively new to OpenMC, so let me know if this post belongs in Development instead.

Are there any people working on continuous-energy, adjoint Monte Carlo development, specifically for neutrons? I am currently working on my PhD at UW-Madison in the CNERG group to implement this and was wondering if others were interested in developing similar features into OpenMC. I think it would be great to merge this feature into OpenMC, after it is functioning correctly and validated.

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Hi @ligross and welcome to the community! I went ahead and moved this post to the development section. I’m not aware of anyone working on continuous-energy, adjoint MC for neutrons in OpenMC. There was some work at MIT for doing adjoint-weighted tallies for sensitivity coefficients and kinetics parameters, and we are planning on continuing that work at ANL later this year, but that’s a bit different than what you’re talking about if I understand correctly.

Getting a large feature merged into the main branch can be challenging, so I’d encourage you to stay engaged with the development team as you begin work to make sure you’re going down the right path. If you’re interested, it’d be great to have you join for one of our monthly drop-in sessions.

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Thanks for the info! Yeah the goal is to compute adjoint cross sections in a continuous-energy format and run adjoint MC simulations using them. I am still in the early stages of this, but I I will keep learning about OpenMC and make it to a monthly drop-in session at some point :slightly_smiling_face: