Validation database for OpenMC

Is there an “official” set of benchmarks used for validation of OpenMC for criticality especially from the ICSBEP handbook?

I’ve noticed that some OpenMC models of ICSBEP benchmarks are located in benchmarks/icsbep at master · mit-crpg/benchmarks · GitHub.

There seems to be only a few LEU systems and only one leu-comp type.

Has anyone has expanded this database?

I’ve an interest in comparing OpenMC against other Monte-Carlo codes such as MCNP for LEU systems in particular leu-comps.

Thank you.

Hi @JamesLam and welcome to the community! The benchmarks repository you’ve found there has been the primary place we’ve been putting together benchmark models. I’m not aware of any current efforts to significantly expand the set of benchmarks, although on occasion I do make some additions there.

One thing that may be of interest is that I recently put together an MCNP-to-OpenMC conversion utility that may give you an easier means of doing some code-to-code comparison if you have existing MCNP models for the LEU benchmarks you’re interested in. The tool is not perfect and there are a bunch of corner cases in MCNP input that are not handled, but it does work pretty well for a wide variety of models. If you do give it a try, let me know if you run into any problems or have ideas for improvements.