Stuck in When running OpenMC

My OpenMC was often got stuck after the boundary condition change, expecially in the situation of larger number particles.

For example, "Simulating batch 34"is shown on the screen for the whole 3 past hours, and nothing I can do except the Ctrl+C.

I don’t know if it is the reason: my computer RAM is only 8 GB.
Is it too small for OpenMC?
Or, the use of WSL&Ubuntu is the reason ?

BTW, my geometry is like a box, and the boundary condition change of 3 plane is from “vacuum” to “reflective”.

Best Wishes!

It does make sense that changing your boundary condition from vacuum to reflective would cause the simulation time to increase (particles that would have died by hitting the boundary are now reflected back in). What I would suggest you do is lower the number of particles and do a quick run to see the performance in terms of particles/sec, which is shown in the final output. If you know how many particles are simulated per second on average, that gives you a way of estimating how long a batch should take if the number of particles is large.

Regarding your other question about memory, generally if you run out of memory, it’s very likely your OS will just terminate the process altogether rather than it continuing slowly.