Release of OpenMC 0.13.0

I’m happy to report that OpenMC 0.13.0 has just been released! We have an exciting array of new features in this release — check out the release notes for details. A huge thank you to all who contributed!

As always, we recommend updating to the latest version of OpenMC if possible. If you are using conda, the new release should be available on conda-forge within the next few days.


I’ve gotten a couple of questions from users on using DAGMC with OpenMC’s latest release.

One significant input change in this version is the re-implementation of DAGMC geometry as universes in OpenMC. This allows for use of mixed CSG/DAGMC geometry.

One side-effect of this update is that DAGMC models need to be specified in the geometry.xml file and the dagmc element in the settings.xml file can be removed. Updating to the new workflow should be possible using a geometry.xml file with the following contents:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
  <dagmc_universe filename="dagmc.h5m" id="1" />

More information on the new DAGMC universe capability can be found here.