HighNESS International School on Thermal Neutron Scattering Kernel Generation

For those of you interested in thermal scattering — the good folks at the European Spallation Source are organizing a school on May 22-26 in Lund, Sweden on thermal neutron scattering kernel generation. Details for the course are below. This course will feature NCrystal, which has recently been integrated into OpenMC.

Course website: https://indico.esss.lu.se/event/3096/

This event aims at providing graduate students and early career researchers with tools to model the interaction of low energy neutrons with matter, with applications to neutron thermalization, nuclear data, neutron moderators, neutron reflectors and neutron scattering instruments.

The school will cover theory, development and application of thermal scattering kernels using state of the art free software for neutron simulation in cloud computing environments. Basic knowledge of programming in Python in a Unix/Linux working environment is a requirement.

The school will be held in person at the ESS Campus in Lund, Sweden. Course costs will be covered by the HighNESS project, but registration will be required due to limited space availability.

Please register before 30 April 2023.


A follow up on this:

All the material from the school is available online, part in the Github repository for the HighNESS project, and part directly in the NCrystal repo:

A lot of this is perhaps mainly of interest for people working on neutron sources, but some of the examples are a bit more general. For instance, this notebook shows how to use the recent integration of NCrystal into OpenMC, and the new upgrades to the NCrystal Python API to prepare a scattering kernel and calculate it on the fly for a reactor cell calculation: