Depletion results question

Hello. Quick question. I have a depletion calculation with results as:

[<StepResult: t=0.0, dt=86783400.0, source=1.834368e+20>,
 <StepResult: t=86783400.0, dt=86400.0, source=0.0>,
 <StepResult: t=86869800.0, dt=604800.0, source=0.0>,
 <StepResult: t=87474600.0, dt=0.0, source=0.0>]

My question is, for example, the openmc_simulation_n0.h5 result is for t=0 or t=86783400 (after the first time step)?

The first result (openmc_simulation_n0.h5) will correspond to the very first time point, t=0.

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I ask because, with the setup below, I am only getting the first result (n0) with a non zero tally. Because of the zero source rate, I was expecting to get n0 and n1 tallies results and n2 and n3 empty. Am I missing something? If I set the second source rate to(1*24*60*60, 1),, the tally associated with openmc_simulation_n1.h5 will not be empty.

timesteps_and_source_rates = [
    (365.25*24*60*60, 1.834368e20),
    (1*24*60*60, 0),
    (7*24*60*60, 0)

If you have three timesteps, you will get four results, one corresponding to the beginning of each timestep and one corresponding to the end of the last timestep. So, it is expected that the second and third set of results have zero reaction rates because the source rate you specified for those steps is zero. The result for the end of the final timestep uses the source rate from the last step, so it also inherits the zero source rate and hence has zero reaction rates as well.

Thank you very much!