Unstructured Overlay Mesh Features

Hello OMCers,

In learning about the overlaid unstructured mesh capability that OpenMC currently has, I had a few suggestions for features I would find useful:

  1. I take this statement, “Currently, an unstructured VTK file will only be generated for tallies if the unstructured mesh is is the only filter applied to that tally.” in the Unstructured Mesh: Introduction to mean that only the unstructured mesh tally may be applied to write a native mesh VTK file out. Adding support for an arbitrary number filter additions to the unstructured mesh feature would be very useful. For example, if I wanted to investigate the component of fast flux reflected from an RPV back onto an HTGR’s outer reflector, it would be pretty sweet to be able to feed in a mesh, apply those filters, and just load it up in Paraview. Even being able to apply a limited number of filters (if that is easier to implement) would be useful (e.g. many material damage calculations having only a fast fluence/DPA component).
  2. Support for HEX mesh elements.