Uncertainty on reaction rates in a depletion calculation

I am running a depletion calculation for a single fuel assembly and I want to extract the k eff and the fission reaction rate at each stage. I can see on the website that openmc.deplete.ResultsList does not return the uncertainty on the fission reaction rate. Is there a way to extract this value?

@Ned welcome to the forum. What you can do is create a Tally for the fission reaction rate or whatever other physical quantity you’re interested in and then export it to a tallies.xml file. When the depletion calculation runs, you’ll get a separate statepoint file for each time point which includes the results of the tally (including uncertainties). At that point you can use the StatePoint class to get information from the file (see our tally examples).

In case it’s not obvious – the uncertainty at times other than the first step will not account for the uncertainty in the depleted compositions.