Testing Pb block Cs137 spectrum

Anyone has any idea why there is no Compton’s edge in the spectrum. The moving red line representing spectrum by summing flux in xy plane. Code sourse: openmc/Pb_detector_Cs137.ipynb at main · megatharun/openmc · GitHub
Thanking everyone in advance

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The Compton edge is a feature that would show up on a pulse height spectrum, which depends on how much energy is deposited in a detector region. Tallying the photon flux as a function of energy tells you how many photons at a certain energy there are. Those are two different, although somewhat related, quantities. At present, OpenMC does not have the ability to calculate pulse height spectra, although such a feature was proposed in pull request #1881.

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, I misunderstood flux and energy deposited.