Planning a Python package for obtaining CSG surfaces on a sector model

Hi all,

I have been making sector models (typically 90 degrees of a reactor instead of the full 360) using DAGMC models. The model ends up looking like a slice of :cake: instead of a complete cake.

I’ve been running these models without a traditional DAGMC graveyard in OpenMC by adding CSG reflecting surfaces to the model and also adding CSG vacuum surfaces.

I’ve been using openmc.lib bounding box to help ascertain the CSG openmc.Plane vacuum surfaces automatically. I have also been using a user defined angle to obtain two reflecting surfaces for the rest of the model.

Currently this functionality is scattered across a few scripts and examples I have. But I was wondering if it would be worth writing it up as a :snake: Python package and distributing it for others to use. Is there anyone out there who would find this rather niche functionality useful? :eyes:

All the best


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Looks like this feature just to niche to be useful elsewhere. Let’s just integrate it into the openmc-dagmc-wrapper for now @Rem