OpenMC monthly meeting dates 2023

Hi all! In continuation of our successful monthly meetings from 2022, we’re setting up dates for meetings in the coming year. As a reminder, these are informal get-togethers where members of the OpenMC community can:

  • Present plans/ideas for code contributions
  • Discuss ongoing projects involving OpenMC
  • Ask questions and get live help from the development team

If you’d like to give a presentation, it should be a “lightning talk” that is 5 minutes or less so as to give everyone a chance to participate.

Meeting will be on ZOOM

Meetings will be the last working day of the month. Dates and times for 2023 are as follows:


Download .ics file (943 Bytes)


Just to mention the first meet up of the year was a success, we had 10 people attend 3 of whom were first time attendees. Fusion companies were well represented with 4 private fusion companies in attendance. Looking forward to the next one at the end of February. Many thanks to @kkiesling for chairing.

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Looks like there was good attendance today. Also Gather Town has lowered the limits of the free tier meeting space to 10 people.

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 16-49-46

I was unable to log in too, is there a session recording?

For anyone joining the monthly meeting tomorrow, we’ll switch over to Zoom since we hit capacity last time on Gather Town.

Here’s a link for this month’s meeting (starting now):

Link for this month’s meeting:


I hope this is the right place to ask my question. As the first post suggested, the meeting was supposed to begin 10 or 15 minutes ago, but the rooms are still empty. I would really like to participate in this meeting. Could you kindly provide me with the updated schedule for this program?

Thank you,

Hi Basit

The monthly meeting happen yesterday (31st of July) at 4.00pm London Time if that helps. I think that is also what it says in the agenda at the top. The location has moved around a bit but we are on the zoom link also at the top of this thread. Hope you can make the next one.

All the best


Hi Jon
Thank you for you response.
Unfortunately our standard time zone changed lately and its still not adjusted in many platforms.
Consequently, I mistakenly believed the event was scheduled for 7:30 pm, but it was actually at 6:30 pm Tehran time, causing me to be an hour late.
Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Here’s the link for this month’s meeting (happening in <1 hour)

Heyhey! Will you also share a link for this Friday’s meetup? I would like to join, since I have an update on some recent development.

Link for this month’s meeting

@akolsek Glad to hear you’ll be joining! I was just thinking that we are overdue for touching base, so I look forward to hearing what you have been up to.

@paulromano, thank you. I am preparing a 10min presentation on some interesting development (hint: maybe an update of the OpenMC Ecosystem List will be required), I hope it fits tomorrow’s agenda of the meeting.


Hi, is this open to the ‘general public’? I would be interested to join but am far from an expert. I also have a question regarding CAD usage in OpenMC - is this the appropriate place to ask? Thanks

@srichr221 Yes, all are welcome!

thanks - unfortunately overloaded at work so won’t make it but cheers!

Hi All, any new zoom link?

Here’s the link for today. Sorry for the late notice!