Modeling two kinds of TRISO particles dispersed in a matrix

Hello, everyone,

is there any chance to model two kinds of particles (like TRISO & BISO) dispersed in a matrix?

I thought I could model the second kind of particle in the rest of the space containing the first kind of particle by using the function (openmc.model.pack_spheres — OpenMC Documentation), while this function can’t support complex geometry.

So is there any other method which could achieve this objective?


Hi @Dengbledore. I don’t think there is really any method to achieve what you are describing. The only thing that comes to mind is to use the pack_spheres function to generate the random locations of TRISO and BISO particles and then split these locations into two disjoint sets, one of which is used to create TRISO particles and the other to create BISO particles.

Thank you, Paul.

Yeah, I had solved it in the same way as you said.