Is particle lifetime tracked?

Looking at the code it appears that currently there is no time dependence and that particles don’t keep track of the time since the start of the history is this correct?
Specifically thinking of fixed source problems.

Hi @slilley and welcome to the forum! You are correct that we don’t actually keep track of time currently. I know some people have added this in developmental branches but it has never made it back to the main branch of OpenMC. It would be a pretty easy addition though. Is this something of interest to you?


Yes, Currently looking at options for simulating pulsed sources for areas such as pulsed neutron die away experiments using a DD or DT generator, and detector development
If you can point me to the relevant branches i can look at, that would be very helpful

Hi @slilley. I put together an initial cut at an implementation for a time filter (along with tracking time for particles). I’ve only done some very light testing to make sure it passes a few sanity checks, but nothing very rigorous. If you want to try it out and let me know things go, that would be much appreciated.

To use the time filter, there is a new TimeFilter class that fundamentally behaves like EnergyFilter. You give it a list of times and it creates bins for each pair of values in the list. The units are specified in seconds.

Many thanks @paulromano, I will give it a go on a few test cases. A quick look through the commit makes me wonder if time also needs to be passed to the create secondary particle function. I’m not certain but I think secondaries will be created at time 0.

@slilley Yes, you’re absolutely right. I’ve just added some changes to my time-filter branch that should propagate time to secondary particles.

Hi @paulromano , I did a quick test on my project with this time-filter branch.
I am not sure whether I did any mistakes or not, but it seems that the problem still exist. The clock for secondary, tertiary, etc particles are still being restarted.

Could you please take a look on my notebook? I’ve sent my notebook to your pm.

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@arief.rahman Thanks for the test case. Your suspicion was correct – fission neutrons did have their clock reset. I’ve now fixed that on my time-filter branch, so in your test case you should see no scores below 0.0001 s as expected.