Gadolinium burn up

Hello everyone,
I am trying to compare the values of keff by OpenMC with other codes for VVER-1000 reactor using low-enriched uranium (LEU) with Gd. but the values of OpenMC show slightly different from other codes in the range [2-8] Mwd/KgHm. although I divided the fuel cell (UO2+Gd2O3) for ten zone. can you help me please Why this difference appear specially in atomic concentration of Gd155 and Gd157?


thanks in advance

It can be pretty difficult to get depletion to match exactly between codes. Have you read the user’s guide section on how energy deposition is handled in depletion? You’ll need to ensure that OpenMC is using effectively the same fission Q values as the other codes to get a fair comparison. Also, are you using an integrator in OpenMC that is equivalent to what is being used in these other codes? Since you have Gd, you definitely should not rely on the basic PredictorIntegrator.

thank you Dr Paul,so I will try with another Integrator, because actually I used PredictorIntegrator.
with all respect