Force push of develop branch

It came to my attention today that a large file (82 MB) had inadvertently been included in a recent pull request that was merged. To remove this file from the repository history, this unfortunately means we had to force push the develop branch. If you were working from the git repo recently and need to update, the following should work:

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/develop

More importantly, if you have a feature branch you were working on and it branched off from the develop branch recently, you’ll need to rebase onto the new develop branch but make sure the rebase doesn’t include the offending large file. To do this, run the following

git rebase --onto <new_develop> <old_develop>

In this case <new_develop> is the current (fixed) state of the develop branch and for <old_develop> you can use the parent of the first commit on your feature branch. For example, if the first commit has SHA1 hash 203dfe…, you can run git rebase --onto origin/develop 203dfe~.

Last note: if you cloned OpenMC from your fork, the origin remote will point to your fork, not the main repo. In this case, set up a remote for the main repo first and then use that in place of origin above:

git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream