Dose from electrons

I notice that electrons are in the dose coefficients files

However we don’t transport electrons so I guess we can’t get a flux tally for electrons and therefore can’t get a dose tally (which scores flux) and has an energy function filter based on these electron coefficients.

Is anyone able to confirm if we can get electron dose from openmc?

I presume those are placeholders (there is also proton, pions, etc).
You can get photon collision kerma in OpenMC, and those are subdivided into photon, electron and positron kerma. But they all really make-up the sum of photon kerma.

Aside: I would directly put a reference to ICRP 116 in the topmost comment of those files.

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Thanks, we are now simulating with “photon kerma” many thanks for the pointer.

related, I’m now going to see if we can add some more dose coefficients to openmc for ICRP119