Dagmc plugin for cubit installation question

Hi all,
I am trying to install the cubit plugin from GitHub - svalinn/Cubit-plugin: Plugins and command extensions for Coreform Cubit with cubit 15.8 from Sandia for generating h5m files for OpenMC. It is on a mac, so the Cubit installation directory looks like:


When I look at the tar file for the cubit plugin, it has a directory MacOS/plugins with the following:

libsvalinn_plugin.so -> svalinn/libsvalinn_plugin.so

Question: where should I put the plugin libraries? I have tried putting the whole directory under /Applications/Cubit-15.8/Cubit.app/Contents/plugins , linking manually the libraries directly under MacOS, but without any success. Thanks for any help!

Hi @nicolas.martin! This is unfortunately outside my area of expertise. @Shimwell @pshriwise any ideas on this one?

Oh yes this is a tricky one.

Cubit Coreform is available for not us (outside of US national labs) to test the DAGMC plugin on. Therefore we have incorporated it into the public CI and everything works nicely. Cubit Sandia is harder for us to test the plugin with. I’ve never had access to it so tricky to know exactly how to combine it with the plugin. I don’t even know the folders that exist in the Cubit Sandia file structure.

My best guess is that one does the same as with Cubit Coreform. This line in the Docker CI file mine be worth a try.

This difficulty of installation and testing is just one is one of the reasons Erik and myself have been working on open source alternatives to using Cubit. List of options here List of DAGMC tools · Discussion #812 · svalinn/DAGMC · GitHub

You are also most welcome to join the biweekly DAGMC meet up and I’m sure we can solve it over zoom with a share screen. Here is a link to the next call (which is quite soon).

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