Tallying in Energy Units and Using CollisionFilter

Hi All,

I have some basic questions related to tallying. Apologies if these are in the documentation already, I looked but still wasn’t sure about these.

  1. Is there a way to get fluxes/currents in energy units (i.e. MeV/cm^2 and MeV), similar to MCNP’s *Fn flag? I can envision doing this manually with an EnergyFunctionFilter, but if there’s a built in way, that would clearly be better.

  2. I’m also interested in tallying only uncollided particles from my source in a fixed source calculation. I believe the way to tally uncollided particles would be using a CollisionFilter([0]), does that seem correct?

  3. Related to #2, are secondary particles considered “uncollided” by default, like in MCNP? Can you toggle that treatment so that secondary particles are not considered uncollided?

As always, thank you for the help!