Problem model.cylinder_from_points

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Here is a problem with the model building API: Openmc. model.cylinder_from_points. I’m using this function to build a sample geometry model like a cylinder whose axis on points (0, 0, 0) and (2,2,0) with a radius of 1cm. This simple model will be extended to be a bowing fuel rod later.

The cylinder surface was created by this API, and it is used to define a cell. However, geometry.xml does not express this surface after running. The universe_plotter can not plot this surface when the cell has filled into the root universe either.

I suspect it is because the cylindrical surface is not correctly defined. But I’m not sure how to fix this problem. The working notebook has been attached here. (1.4 KB)

Please contact me if you know how to use this function correctly. Many thanks.

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Hi @YimingZ ;

I think that you should take look on the following post:

you my also contact the concerned person (@shabudarda) because it seems that he succeeded to use such that function and master it very well.

Gook luck

@YimingZ The problem in your script is the following line:

root.add_cell = (qudric1_cell)

This line is setting the attribute add_cell to the variable qudric1_cell. You should be calling add_cell:

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