Problem creating h5m file from pymoab Core object

We’ve been working on a cad to openmc toolchain without using cubit, which ultimately makes use of the pymoab Core object to build the h5m structure for an openmc simulation.

Currently getting the the following MOAB error on a test run:

--------------------- Error Message ------------------------------------ 
Failed to setup problem indices! 
init_OBBTree() line 652 in DagMC.cpp 
MOAB ERROR: init_dagmc() line 135 in dagmc.cpp  
/home/luke/git/are/h5m_files/ARE.h5m is not an hdf5 file but a datapath was prodided!

We’re using the pymoab Core.write_file() method to write the h5m file. Anyone familiar with moab know what could be causing this?


Looking at the source code for Pyne, it appears that this error message is suggesting the file is not in HDF5 format.

Also I shall try to fix that typo in the error message

Thanks Jonathan, that was indeed the issue. Moab was writing a .vtk file instead of an .h5m file. I didn’t notice at first because the extension was still .h5m. Fixed by including the ENABLE_HDF5 flag and recompiling moab.