MPI Installation

Good day to everyone,

I recently got interested in improving the speed of our facility’s simulations when I was running some PHITS code using our Ultra Fast computers. Our PCs are in Dual boot with Ubuntu and Win10 and the processors for each PC (we have 3) are 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4216 and 2x 16GB DDR4-3200. I asked the community in PHITS about the increase in simulation time and one key suggestion is to run the code using MPI. As I am more familiar with OpenMC and I know that OpenMC is capable of using MPI, I first tried to implement it using OpenMC.

I am attempting to install MPI with my OpenMC build using source. I have already installed both OpenMPI and MPICH using the debian codes. I am not fully aware and trained in using Linux at a deeper level so I just followed the instructions in this link. How do I turn on the configuration for OPENMC_USE_MPI and what are the following steps that I need to after turning the configuration on?

Thank you in advance.