Limiting Bounds of Planes when Defining Geometry

I am currently trying to write a conversion tool from a USD file format that will take vertices of a mesh (ie 3 or 4 points that each would represent a mesh surface element) and convert it to a geometry useable in OpenMC.

a) Is there an easy way to do this that I am missing?
b) Is there any way to define surfaces or planes such that they bound a 3D region with 2D triangular and tetrahedral elements

One option would be to use the DAGMC surface mesh geometry which is a collection of triangles.

There is a micro package that takes vertices and outputs a DAGMC geometry that can be run in OpenMC.

There is also a discussion on tetrahedral meshes that might be of interest over here

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Thanks! I have started to have a look through this and seems like it should work for my application.