Hexagonal pincell geometry

I can not build this hexagonal fuel pill geometry. Please help.

Hi Shamim, I will advice you to take a look on the code given below,
Pin cell design
For further query you can get help from Geometry theory here as well.
Best wishes

There’s a few different things you’ll need. To make the hexagonal part, there’s a function that makes it for you. If you’re using the newest version of OpenMC (v0.14.0), check out openmc.model.HexagonalPrism. If you’re using an older version, you’ll want openmc.model.hexagonal_prism.

The concentric cylinders can be achieved using openmc.ZCylinder().

The workflow will go as follows:

  • Make all the geometric objects using ZCylinders and a hexagonal region with the correct call based on your version
  • Define OpenMC regions for the spaces between the geometric objects using the correct operators on the geometric objects (e.g. region_2 = +zcyl_1 & -zcyl_2 )
  • Make a cell for each of those regions, with openmc.Cell(region=region_name,fill=material) where material is an openmc.Material object
  • Make a universe for all your cells by passing the list of cells made to openmc.Universe([cell_list])