Error: no tris are adjacent to the node

Hi, I’m working with DAGMC and OpenMC. When performing the simulation I got the following error:
‘error: edge of a manifold must be topologically adjacent to exactly 2 tris’, so I used the make_watertight and check_watertight tools. Nevertheless, the output of the check watertight tool is:
‘’ 3032/26696 (11.3575%) unmatched edges
7/1198 (0.584307%) unsealed surfaces
2/178 (1.1236%) unsealed volumes
leaky surface ids=1301 1307 1314 1315 1316 1317 1318
leaky volume ids=183 184
1.01842 seconds ‘’
And when I performed the simulation I got:
“error: no tris are adjacent to the node”

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi Fabri

The output from make_watertight looks like it was unable to to seal up the geometry and it might require cleaning up earlier in the process.

Was the geometry was made in Cubit? there are some useful commands for making DAGMC geometry here that allow the geometry to be checked prior to exporting as a h5m file

CUBIT> validate vol all
CUBIT> autoheal problem vols

All the best, Jon

Hi! No, the geometry was not made on cubit, although I followed the steps explained in the DAGMC website.
I used autoheal and there were no problems with the geometry. I also used validate, imprint and merge without any further problem. I think that maybe I have to made a better geometry cleanup and defeaturing, thanks!