Error after running depletion

I am running a ThN-U233N gas-cooled fast reactor (GFR) simulation.
But after running error

Bat./Gen. k Average k
========= ======== ====================
ERROR: No fission sites banked on MPI rank 0

what is the cause of the error ?

This means that when OpenMC is running a k-eigenvalue simulation, it doesn’t see any fission neutrons being produced (on at least one MPI process). One possibility is that you are running too few particles per batch, so you can try increasing that. However, if this is happening with depletion, it is also possible that you are completely burning out your fuel (i.e., there is no fissionable material left, and hence fission doesn’t occur). I’ve seen this occur sometimes when users use incorrect units (e.g., specifying a power that was orders of magnitude too high). So I would also recommend all the values you are using for depletion and carefully check the units to see that they make sense and match what OpenMC is expecting. (9.8 KB)

Sorry, I don’t understand because new openMC user.
Can you show me which value to change from my code. Thank you

According to your script, you are depleting your model with a power of 300 MW for 5 one-year timesteps. And your fuel has a total volume of about 165 cm³. If anything, it seems like perhaps the volume assigned is not correct (does it account for all fuel pins?). An incorrectly assigned volume will affect how fast or slow your model depletes.

it seems that the volume that I set is not right, thank you for your information

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