Dose rate -distance from source

Hi all,
When I make the distance of the source 2.5 cm, the dose rate is 0.2 pico Sv per second, and when I make it 6.5 cm, it is 1144.015084349237 pico Sv per second.
I can’t find where I am doing wrong in the code. Could you help me?
Thank you

@A66 Without your full model and a better explanation, it’s not really possible to say what’s wrong with your code. If you’re able to attach a full script, that would allow someone to take a look at the full calculation. Also, you need to provide more information on why you believe the value is “wrong”. With no context, I can’t tell why a source at a given location should produce a low/high dose rate.

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If you can look it I will share all my code with you as a message