Converting ACE photo-atomic data to HDF5

Hello, I’m trying to convert ACE photo-atomic data from mcplib04 to HDF5. However, there is an error in code. It seems that the traditional photo-atomic data structure in NJOY is unavailable for OpenMC. I want to test my photo-atomic data library through NJOY code. Do you know how to solve it? Besides, can the script of OpemMC convert the photonuclear data of NJOY?


Hi @xiao and welcome to the community. Sorry for the late response on your question. It is true that we can’t handle some of these older photoatomic libraries. Note however that you don’t actually need to run NJOY for photoatomic data for it to be usable by OpenMC. If you have corresponding ENDF files, you can try the following:, relaxation_endf_file)