Install Error -- cmd.exe

Hi everyone, I followed the conda-forge installation for Linux/Mac line by line using the cmd.exe and I keep receiving a PackagesNotFoundError.

Would anyone be able to assist?

Hi @WillBertolotti and welcome to the community. It looks like you are trying to install via conda on Windows, which will not work. I would recommend using Windows Subsystem for Linux, which will allow you to install a Linux distribution within Windows, and then you can follow the install instructions for Linux.

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?Hi Paul, working with the IT team, we installed openmc using Ubuntu and I was able to proceed with the pip installation of Python API. At this point, I am able to access the openmc directory but am unsure how to access the Python API. I’ve also been trying to access openmc using Anaconda Navigator/Jupyter Notebook and am failing. I was wondering if you or any contacts you might have would be able to connect via Zoom to help guide me through this process. My student has been struggling to get openmc working on his laptop as well. Any help would be a godsend – I’m sure once we have openmc up and running that the student will be able to run with it.