Control Rod for SFR

Hello Mr. @paulromano I’m trying to make an SFR core design using a control rod but I’m confused about making the control rod program. I tired to use this program but still error.
Please give me a solution Sir…
Thank you…

@Rahma This is a public forum with many community members who may be able to help you. Although I am flattered you are asking me specifically, there is no need to do so in general and you may be better served by asking a question without addressing anyone in specific.

The link that you’ve posted above unfortunately does not work. If you can, please try responding and attaching your .py script again. Also, you will need to be more specific, namely

What specifically are you confused about? Without any context about the problem you’re trying to solve, I don’t think anyone will be able to help you.

Again, you need to be more specific. What error in particular are you running into?

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